Sunday, 24 September 2017


Twenty years ago I woke from sleep, heart hammering and paralysed with fear. 
In a corner of my room darkness gathered, a shadow draped figure stood watching.

I closed my eyes but she remained. 

Finally, finding my voice I asked her name, already knowing who she was. 
Mór Ríoghan, The Morrigan, Great Queen of Ireland.

Then she left me terrified, enthralled and questioning. 

Over the years she came again; a shape moving through dark leaves, a chill gust raising crows to flight, 
always wreathed in shadows.

On the eve of my departure for Ireland she returned. 
Now victorious with bloodied hair and hands, dark thorny, flowers. 

Living in her land, her shape still undefined, her intention became clear.  

Much later, one Samhain sunset, eyes open in trance, I saw her cave beneath the naked thorn.

Her cave Uaigh na gCat, Co. Roscommon.

Saw fierce clouds gather in a storm bruised sky and watched as she emerged,

rising on the beat of wings to call. 

And claim her own.


The images in this post are work-in-progress photographs.

‘THE MORRIGAN RISES’ my original painting, measuring approx 15" x 22”, is for sale.
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  1. Thank you Jane for letting us share a little of your journey and where inner inspirations are coming from. So very emotive and talented your creations are, so full of raw energy too.


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