Monday, 11 February 2019


It has been a while since I wrote here and with the growing light of a new year I wanted 
to re-connect & to tell you about my latest project.

Over the years, like a tiny green flame, the seed of an idea has grown. 
15 years ago I experienced a vivid dream in which I saw a set of images, which formed an oracle of sorts, a tool for self awareness and discovery. 
At that time I was still fairly new to Ireland and although I was excited and inspired I didn’t want to impose any foreign ideas or structures but attempt to find a way of creating an oracle that was firmly rooted in this land. 
The dream idea needed to ripen and mature, and so did my connection to the island and her people.

So I took my time.

 Slowly images emerged to become symbols which recurred throughout 
my thoughts, my writing and my paintings.

In my travels I found myself revisiting special places.

A hidden sacred well.

Mounds opening to darkness within.

A silhouetted hill against a sunset sky.

A yearly harvest from the hedges

The lonely wind bent thorn.

As I began painting for my exhibition, Tales from The Cailleach, my idea for the cards surfaced again.
This time the images felt strongly rooted in folklore and research, in my visits to sacred places and my own connection.

a Journey with the Old Woman through 31 oracle cards. 

There will be a limited edition of 250 sets of these cards plus a booklet, printed here in Ireland. 
Wisdom of The Cailleach will be launched in Summer 2020 at Loughcrew Megalithic Centre, 
Co. Meath, Ireland. 

Below is a glimpse of the first images just after they had been finished - snapped with my camera so 
the colours are inaccurate - I hope you enjoy them.




"A rise in the road reveals Rowan at the crossing of the ways. 
Protection, courage and good fortune go with you, whichever path you choose."


"A million stars above the lonely valley where Lone Thorn stands. 
Silver in the moonlight, bent and twisted, a survivor of many winters. 
Deep rooted in the land she is resilient and speaks to you of age, of strength and 
the courage to continue."


“Grey white wisdom colours of the first snow.
A pause then calm preparation before surrendering to her silent embrace.”

There is much work yet to do, lots of painting, writing 
and imagining so I hope to keep you updated here and on the Facebook page with works in progress as they emerge.

If you have questions or are interested in ordering the oracle cards you can add your name to a pre-order list on 

Alternatively, you can send me an email with your name & 
contact details by completing the form at the foot of my Homepage here on the blog.


  1. How marvelous! Your imagery is both beautiful and powerful.

  2. Simply beautiful. The imagery so beautiful and really speaks to me. Thank you for u for sharing!



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