Altars to our Goddesses & Gods

The ancient Irish Goddesses and Gods are still venerated in ritual, in nature and in personal
shrines here in Ireland and across the world.
I am fascinated to see where my cards and posters of The Ever-Living Ones find a home,
especially when they are on altars surrounded by candles, flowers and incense.
Below you will glimpse some of the ways that people honour our Goddesses and Gods today.

Thank you to everyone who kindly sent me their photographs.
This gallery will, I hope, continue to grow.
If you include any of my Ever-Living Ones in your own veneration and would like to share a photo
here please email me or contact me via Facebook.

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Beautiful Autumn Equinox altar honouring The Cailleach inside Cairn T and the deepening year
 by Áine Máire Ní Mhurchú.

on the altar of Laura Knight - Pic © Laura Knight.

THE CAILLEACH at Cairn T, Loughcrew takes Her place on the altar.
Photo © Gerri Andrades

THE HAG OF THE MILL ~ Original painting
Pic © Lou Hart.

Read more about her ~

Thanks to Julie Francis.

Beautiful altar honouring The Cailleach and the Ancestors.
Pic © Margaret Oldenburger-Coffa

An Cailleach © Jeremy Ó Raghallaigh
Dian Cécht © Ferdiad McGowan

The Dagdha & Anu © Pól Ó Corcráin
Manannán Mac Lír © Daniel McKenzie

Brigid © Barbara Vulso & Margaret Lansbrough

Anu & The Mórrigan © Claire Bellis

Pic © Jim aka Frater Servitor Lucem.
The Ever-Living Ones on the altar honouring the Celtic Gods at Conjure Dance USA- 
with thanks to Caroline Kenner.

Altar by Áine Máire Ní Mhuchú.

Altar by Lisa Ellen Atkin

 Altar by Pam Watson

Altars by Alison Powell

Altar by Ryan Denison.

Altar by Matthew Griffing.

Michelle Alu honours The Cailleach.


  1. Some great uses of your pictures Jane...Think I'll be using them at most of my celebration alters.
    Margaret x

  2. Yes! Would love to see photos if you take any more Margaret.


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