Sunday, 24 June 2018

NEW EXHIBITION ~ Tales From The Cailleach

I’ve been quiet here on the The Ever-Living Ones for a while and this is the reason -

New painting 'By Stone, Antler & Bone'

I've been busy working on my new exhibition of original paintings & words in celebration of 
The Old Woman of Ireland which opens on Saturday 30th June and runs throughout July. 

The Hills of Loughcrew

The venue is Loughcrew Megalithic Centre, which, situated below the sacred mounds, 
is the perfect setting for an exhibition dedicated to The Old Woman.
The centre offers free parking, a cafe, shop, children’s play area & accommodation / camping. 

The Cailleach Beara has long been associated with the hills of Loughcrew, 
especially Sliabh na Caillí, the Hill of the Hag. 
Here she is known as Garavogue who created the cairns upon the hills by dropping stones from her apron and local folklore also tells that she sits upon the Hag’s Chair, the huge kerbstone on the side 
of cairn T to watch the stars and to look out upon her land whenever she desires. 

The kerbstones themselves are carved with enigmatic designs, most famous is the ‘equinox’ stone 
at the rear of cairn T which is lit up by sunlight at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

Carving on the 'Equinox stone' highlighted twice a year when sunlight enters the mound.
Detail from new painting.

Stories of The Cailleach Beara portray her as Sovereignty Goddess, Shaper of the Land, 
Mother of the Herd and Spirit of the Harvest.
She shape-shifts into a hare, turns from ancient hag to beautiful young woman and creates the landscape. 
She appears as an old woman and an Otherworld female, part of the community yet separate from it, she is helpful and harmful, the embodiment of the mundane and the magical.
Her mythology, folklore and her sacred places remain.

The Cailleach Beara brings us a powerful vision of old age that is dignified, humorous and wise.

I will post the series of paintings here 
with information about each image over the coming weeks. 

I hope you enjoy Tales from The Cailleach.


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. I look forward to seeing, reading, and learning more.

    1. Thanks Lezlie - will post more paintings once the exhibition has a opened.

  2. I cannot but think that your forth coming exhibition might also have the secondary
    title and be seen as A tribute to Older Women; I wonder what you will think of that ?

    1. You're absolutely correct Heron - thank you!

  3. The perfect setting for your exhibition - I'm sure it will be brilliant :)

    1. Thank you Freespiral - I'll be relieved when it's up and I can relax!

  4. This sounds like a very exciting exhibition and I wish I could see it in person! However, next best thing will be reading your blog -- I'm looking forward to your future posts about The Cailleach!

    1. Hello Debra - thanks. I'm aiming to post each of the paintings here together with there words once the exhibition is up & running. Hope you enjoy them.

  5. The best of luck with your exhibition Jane. Maybe this summer we'll take a trip up to loughcrew. I'd love that. Xxx

    1. Thanks Monica - be great to see you there! xxx


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