Monday, 18 June 2012

Setting up

With the help of Seán, the 'Ever-Living Ones' were hung and ready to receive visitors.


  1. How exciting! May I wish you every success with the exhibition, it all looks wonderful.

  2. O gosh those card holders look well. Did a good job there considering they were designed before the first coffee of the day :) :)

  3. Professional! I regret I couldn't be on opening ceremony...

  4. Stunning! And that's just my comment on the photo of you and Mel!! :-) So wonderful to see your paintings up on the wall like that- exciting! All the best, you really deserve it!

  5. Hi Jane.

    Absolutely fabulous and so sorry we were unable to get there for the launch. As you know we have a number of problems at this end that require us to stay close to home. However, we will get there before the end of June as we really want to see this in the flesh so to speak. You both look fantastic and very happy. Wishing you great success and can't wait to see it in its entirety.


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