Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Slowly emerging

Despite the cold, snowy weather and limited daylight, nature is slowly emerging from Winter.
All around are small signs of growth and returning life:
Purple leaf buds on the elder tree -

Daffodil shoots poking through the earth -

A cap of rich moss on old stone -

Vivid green shoots through decaying leaves -

Tiny fungi peeping out from hedges -

A new painting takes shape in the studio -

And I am out from hibernation and looking forward to a creative 2015.....


  1. Interesting characters in your new painting Jane and I am looking forward in viewing it when finished.

  2. At last... Still underground, but I hope, soon She will arise in Poland too... No snow, heavy winds... weather like in Ireland here. ;)

    And I get with new plans for current life. New City, new job (I hope), new oportunities. Thanks to your wisdom and teachings too, Jane.

  3. What a joy to see today, Jane!

    We had temps below zero F; the only green around is a few houseplants in the house!

    Looking forward to seeing the completed new painting!!

  4. Lovely jane, we have snowdrops here and dafodils coming up too. but oh dear the weather is really your new picture and can't wait to see it and bless bless x Margaret xx

  5. And you will be the first to see it as always Mel :)

    Thank you Czeski - Hope 2015 brings all your plans to fruition!

    Hi Carol - Brrrr not quite so cold in Ireland - stay warm. x

    Dear Margaret - hope you are keeping snug & many thanks for the lovely comment. x

  6. How lovely all that re-bith is, Jane. Thank you for showing us. Spring is round the corner and as always, it brings with it freshness and hope for the year to come. Your new painting looks lovely even now!!

  7. Hello Val - thank you for visiting especially as you are otherwise engaged at the moment. Hope you are experiencing the slow return of new life in your part of the world too.


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