Sunday, 24 December 2017

A millon stars, a thousand candles.

Though the Solstice has passed the nights are long.

I walk through sleep-wrapped villages where turf smoke hangs low. 

Climbing the cold hills, all is silence.

Above a million stars.

Below a thousand candles burn in windows to welcome the weary.


Traditionally across Ireland a candle is left burning in the window on 24th December.
For many it symbolised a welcome to Mary and Joseph, to others the reborn sun after Solstice.

To all, the candle is a sign to wanderers that they will receive a warm welcome, food and a place to rest this night.

Thank you for taking time to visit The Ever-Living Ones.

As daylight lengthens may it bring you good health, good food & good company!


  1. A lovely custom and one I am sure you support, Jane. Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful festive season with the Heron and a great start to the new year!

    1. And to you Vallypee ! I enjoy your blogposts & look forward to your further adventures.


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