Saturday, 29 November 2014

Three small pleasures

This week it has been really noticeable that the nights are lengthening and the temperature is
dropping. Winter is here along with its' hardships but it is also a season of small pleasures.
We had a delivery of logs earlier this week to keep the range going and when we had finished
stacking the wood I noticed that the mist had crept up from the Lough field to spread like
Manannán's cloak across the land.
The muted colours and silence turned the well known fields into a place of magical mists
where the Otherworld felt close at hand.

What do you see? Is it a tree?
Or a creature with pointy nose & beard - others see a goblin or a big cat with a gun.

Once indoors I lit the fire in the back room stove and lay propped on cushions reading a book
with a cup of tea to hand.

 Small winter pleasures.
Look into the fire on the right - is that another goblin peeking out?

As darkness had descended by 5 o'clock I lit more candles so that their golden light filled the room
then returned to the fire to watch the pictures in the flames.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Mists of Manannán Mac Lír.

As a child I spent many summers living with relatives on the Isle of Man, Ellan Vannin,
and was told stories about Mannin by my Grandmother, who was a native Manx speaker.
The one I remember most clearly told how he would spread his cloak of mist and magic across the island to conceal it from invaders, especially my Grandmother stressed, the British monarchy!
During the past couple of days we have been marooned in a sea of mist and silence and I have
been inspired by her stories and the weather to post my painting of Manannán.
I recently stumbled across As Manx as the Hills on Facebook and also discovered the wonderful
statue of Manannán by the sculptor John Darren Sutton.
His god stands on Binevenagh Mountain, Binn Fhoibhne, Co. Derry overlooking Lough Foyle.
Local tradition tells of the presence of  Manannán in the Lough and it was believed that his spirit 
was released during fierce storms. 
My painting of him illustrates him as a god of the sea, water, mists and magics.

More about my painting - HERE

Flor, the model for my painting Manannán.

1 The Isle of Man which takes it's name from Manannán can be seen on the horizon. 

Above the island flies the crane, a bird associated with Manannán and his crane bag.
2 The god is also associated with lakes and several castles, such as Castle Mannin, Co. Mayo 
and Mannin Castle, the remains of a ringfort, in Co. Monaghan. 
This stands near a lough known as Mannin's Pool and local folklore tells that St. Patrick fought here with Manannán and defeated him by confining him to the water. 
Manannán however escapes on occasion and has been seen by local people in the form of a hare.

3 The triskelion, the island's symbol known as the "three legs of Mann", Tree Cassyn Vannin.

4 He is also believed to inhabit the isolated rock of Carrickmannon. 
Found about 1 km offshore to the north east of Kinbane Head, Co. Antrim,
the rock is submerged and it is only at low tide when the waves break across it,
is Manannán's home visible.

Low tide at Carrickmannon from

5 Manannán offers the golden boat, part of the Broighter Hoard, found in 1896 and thought to be
a ritual offering the god when the area was underwater.

The gold boat is on display in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin.

Photos of Broighter Hoard from Irish Archaeology  HERE

6 & 7 From the waves emerge Manannán's horse, Aonbharr and the Salmon of Wisdom 
who lives in the well at Emhain Ablach, one of Manannán's home.

8 Manannán's boat journeys towards the Blessed Isles, to Tír Fo Thonn, the Land Beneath Wave and Tír Na Nog, the Land of Youth.

Manannán overlooking Lough Foyle:
Manannán by John Darren Sutton

Manannán overlooking Lough Foyle by John Darren Sutton

The work of sculptor John Darren Sutton can be found here - JD SUTTON
Photographic prints of his work - Here
You can also see him here too.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I have finally completed reposting my paintings.
Please see below for updated pages.
And a new one.

Paintings and info on Irish Goddesses HERE

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My paintings from the Hill of Tara HERE

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Monday, 10 November 2014


Dear friends & visitors to this blog -
Due to the images of my paintings being taken and used on the internet by other people
without crediting me or acknowledging my copyright I have removed the galleries of my work
and the 'how to order' page.
Naively I expected people on the internet to honour my work, my paintings and 
The Ever-Living Ones of Ireland.
I know now that the internet is no respecter of copyright or original work.  

I have taken legal advice and am taking steps to discover where my work has been posted without credit or altered without my consent. 
I will repost all the paintings at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me.