Saturday, 29 November 2014

Three small pleasures

This week it has been really noticeable that the nights are lengthening and the temperature is
dropping. Winter is here along with its' hardships but it is also a season of small pleasures.
We had a delivery of logs earlier this week to keep the range going and when we had finished
stacking the wood I noticed that the mist had crept up from the Lough field to spread like
Manannán's cloak across the land.
The muted colours and silence turned the well known fields into a place of magical mists
where the Otherworld felt close at hand.

What do you see? Is it a tree?
Or a creature with pointy nose & beard - others see a goblin or a big cat with a gun.

Once indoors I lit the fire in the back room stove and lay propped on cushions reading a book
with a cup of tea to hand.

 Small winter pleasures.
Look into the fire on the right - is that another goblin peeking out?

As darkness had descended by 5 o'clock I lit more candles so that their golden light filled the room
then returned to the fire to watch the pictures in the flames.


  1. So beautiful - I see a big headed scarecrow in that tree.
    How snug your home is!

  2. Thanks Carol - we are very lucky & blessed with our home. A scarecrow? I wonder what that says about you - or me for that matter.

  3. Beautiful Jane. Lovely pics too.

  4. Hi Ita - just thought you'd like to see what you are missing -not :)
    J x

  5. A lovely, evocative post, Jane. You bring the misty winter evenings to magical and enticing life. And your image of snuggling down to read by the fire - sigh! Just perfect!

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  7. Hello Val - thanks for your comment. I do think you have to hold onto the small pleasures at this time of year. Hope you are snug in your watery home too.

  8. If one enjoys so beautiful 'little' pleasures of winter - who cares about 'great' ones? To sip tea, read a book, look into a fire: an apt picture of winter's delights.

  9. Exactly Brigitta - thank you.


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