Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bealtaine seduction

I have been led astray by sunlight and deep green shadow.

Beguiled by trails of bluebell, 

blackbird and cuckoo call.

Beside the footstick bridge 

the whispering river carries the coconut perfume of gorse

to lure me away from desk and easel.

Finally seduced by the scent of the dangerous whitethorn 

I surrender. 

I leave early tomorrow for the west. 

Who knows when I will return?

This song captures the coming of summer to Ireland for me.
Close your eyes and walk down the dusty road……..

'The Curra Road' by Ger Wolfe.


  1. What lovely ways to be beguiled, seduced and lead astray, Jane! xox

  2. Thank you Carol - I can't stay indoors when Ireland looks like this! xx

  3. When I first read your words..... I spoke internally and said to myself

    " Oh my she is now going to make a public confession"

    And now I see that was both right and wrong !
    Ger has a very distinctive voice doesn't he ?

  4. Glad you enjoyed this Heron! Yes, I love Ger's voice & that song always speaks to me of summer.

  5. Beautiful words and pictures. And the song is lovely xx

  6. What a beautiful post! I really want to visit Ireland again soooon!

  7. Thank you Teresa - May is my favourite month here & yes, Ger's song is great. xxx

  8. Thank you Val - you'd be very welcome & we could meet for coffee!


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