Sunday, 12 October 2014

Interview with Dr Jenny Butler

Dr Jenny Butler

I have just listened to an interesting research interview which my friend, Jenny Butler recorded for
RTÉ radio to feature in a programme - "Fantastic Beasts and the People who Love Them."
In it she talks about Irish mythology, folklore and spirituality.

'Selkie Blues'  by Andrea Sgorbissa

The full interview with Jenny lasts for 26 minutes and is well worth a listen & you can find it HERE

The fascinating "Fantastic Beasts and the People who Love Them" RTÉ radio programme here
features Shane Dunphy who travels Ireland in search of mythological animals.
It is worth listening to this programme until the very end :)


  1. Ooh, I must listen to this when I have time! And I must send the link to my daughter who has just written her thesis on beasts of myth and legend!

  2. Thanks Val - hope your daughter finds it interesting.
    The full documentary ends in an surprising way :)

  3. What a lovely interview - thank you; perfect to get my morning started.

    I have bookmarked the full documentary.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Carol.
    Interesting ending to the full one.

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